5 Best Comebacks in NFL History

5 Best Comebacks in NFL History

As a National Football League (NFL) betting enthusiast, you feel good when your chosen team dominates the match. However, sometimes teams can lag behind with a significant point difference and still come back and secure the victory in an incredible comeback. Here are five of some of the best comebacks in NFL history.

1. Broncos vs. Chargers (2012)

The Broncos trailed the Chargers 24-0 at halftime, but they came back to win 35-24. The biggest reason for their comeback was that they made some adjustments on defense. They started to blitz more, and they put more pressure on Philip Rivers.

Peyton Manning started to take more deep shots down the field on offense. This approach opened up the running game, and the Broncos got some big plays on the ground. Overall, it was a great team effort by the Broncos to come back from such a deficit and get the win.

2. Colts vs. Patriots (2006)

The Indianapolis Colts returned from a 21-3 deficit to beat the New England Patriots 38-34 in the 2006 AFC Championship game. The Patriots took an early lead thanks to two touchdown passes from Tom Brady to tight end Benjamin Watson. But the Colts slowly began to chip away at the lead, with Peyton Manning finding Harrison for a touchdown late in the first half. The Colts then took the lead in the third quarter on a touchdown run by Addai.

3. Cardinals vs. Buccaneers (1987)

In the Cardinals vs. Buccaneers (1987) game, the Cardinals made a comeback in the fourth quarter to win the game. The Cardinals were down by 14 points with less than five minutes remaining in the game. The Cardinals scored two touchdowns in the game’s final minutes to take the lead and win the game.

The Cardinals’ comeback was fueled by their defense. The Cardinals’ defense stopped the Buccaneers’ offense on several key plays in the fourth quarter. In addition, the Cardinals’ offense made some big plays in the fourth quarter to score the two touchdowns that won the game.

4. Colts vs. Chiefs (1996)

The Colts came back from a 28-point deficit to beat the Chiefs in one of the most improbable NFL comebacks ever. The game was tied at 38 with just over two minutes to play when Andrew Luck led the Colts on a game-winning drive, capped off by a touchdown pass to T.Y. Hilton. It was a stunning turnaround for a Colts team that had looked dead and buried earlier in the game.

The comeback was sparked by Luck, who was brilliant in the second half. He completed three touchdowns after halftime, including the game-winning score to Hilton. The Chiefs, meanwhile, imploded in the second half. They turned the ball over three times after halftime, including a critical fumble by running back Donald Brown in the fourth quarter.

5. Patriots vs. Falcons (2017)

The New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017 NFL game. The Patriots were down 28-3 in the third quarter but made an incredible comeback to win the game 34-28 in overtime.

The turning point in the game came the Falcons fumbled the ball to the Patriots. Julian Edelman tied the game with two touchdowns, while James White won the game with a touchdown run in overtime. For the Patriots, it was an improbable comeback after trailing by more than 10 points at any point in the game.

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